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Positional Training Schedule - Starting February 24, 2024


Attending Centennial High School in the future? It only makes sense to play for an organization that prepares you for the Centennial football program. Older divisions run the same offensive and defensive schemes, using the same terminology as the High School preparing you to jump into the Centennial football program fully prepared.  We don't chase trophies, we prepare you for your success! No one cares about your youth trophies in High School. Coaches only care if you are prepared when you step on the field!

It Starts Here: Centennial Jr. Bulldogs!


The Centennial Jr. Bulldogs only participate in Fall season football. We feel during the off-season athletes can benefit from participating in different sports and/or attending workout camps and trainings to better their skillset. The body needs a rest from the physical play and contact of football. No other level of football engages in Spring football besides a few  youth leagues across the country. We feel overall it is in the best interest of our organization and athletes to not take part in Spring football. 

Jr Bulldogs Staff Commitment

Our coaches and staff are committed and understand that we run a fair camp at all levels and daddy ball is not tolerated . All positions are earned, this includes returners, meaning everyone has a fair shot. Hard work, determination and a coachable attitude speaks volumes towards an athletes success in our program.  Our younger 6U and 8U teams will be coached in a structured manner to learn the game and have fun doing so.  We do not claim to be perfect at what we do as we are all humans and make mistakes. No matter what, we have your son and/or daughter's best interest in mind when it comes to learning the game and developing into a sound young athlete.  We hope the skills learned both on field and off field have a positive impact on each athlete throughout life. 


Jr. Bulldogs Staff

Cheer Director Loren

CHEER DIRECTOR Loren Martinez - 702-759-9772

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Our position-specific sports performance training incorporates a combination of technique & fundamental coaching, strength training, and online content.

Whether you're preparing for Friday Night Lights, NCAA football playoffs, or the NFL Combine, Five Star Linemen Academy will get you ready to compete at an optimal level.

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